Team Dynamics or Lord of the Flies?

  1. Everyone on the team talks and listens in roughly equal measure, keeping contributions short and sweet.
  2. Members face one another, and their conversations and gestures are energetic.
  3. Members connect directly with one another-not just with the team leader.
  4. Members carry on back-channel or side conversations within the team.
  5. Members periodically break, go exploring outside the team, and bring information back.
  • “Look for empire builders, self-servers, and whiners in the hiring process — and don’t hire them.”
  • “Take the incentive out of “climbing the ladder.”
  • “Be open and transparent, and create opportunities for voices to be heard.”
  • “Make escalation ‘legal.’”
  • “(Provide) Frequent question-and-answer sessions with leadership.”
  • “(Utilize) Engagement surveys.”
  • “Make everyone accountable, so personal bias can’t creep into decision making.”
  • “Train your leaders to effectively manage politics out of conversations.”



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Peter Walzer

Peter Walzer


Peter Walzer has over 30 years of experience in management consulting, project management, systems development, and “get up you’re not hurt” persistence.